Warranty Services Agreement

1. Service, maintenance & manufacturer's warranty life

1.1. The guarantee period of passenger seats is 12 months, unless longer periods are laid down in accordance with operational lifetime of the vehicle.

1.2. The manufacturer guarantees compliance with the declared technical characteristics of passenger seats mounted on the vehicle chassis, except for component parts, while the User complies with the conditions of transportation, storage, intended usage, and maintenance in the volumes and periodicity specified in the product certificate.

1.3. The warranty period and operating time are to be calculated from the date of putting the good into operation but not later than 14 calendar days from the date of purchasing.

1.4. During the above warranty period, the manufacturer or its official representative is obliged to replace or repair all components (with the exception of component parts) prematurely failed due to the fault of the manufacturer, provided that the User's operating and maintenance conditions follow the ones specified in the Product`s Certificate.

1.5. The warranty life of components is established by their manufacturers in accordance with their specifications and approved standards.

1.6. The usage of the products for other purposes is prohibited, as well as its operation with violations of the instructions of the Product`s Certificate or introduction of structural modifications without coordination with the developer of technical documentation.

In case of non-compliance with these conditions, the manufacturer neither considers nor accepts claims from the consumer.

1.7. Warranty repair of equipment is carried out by the manufacturer or its official representative or authorized service centers.

1.8. The address of receiving complaints by the manufacturer:

LLC EvroSid, the Russian Federation, 603029, Nizhny Novgorod, 11 Pamirskaya Street, porch 9. Telephone: +7-831-280-98-95. E-mail:

2. Procedure for presentation and consideration of complaints.

2.1. If a defective or damaged part is detected, the consumer shall notify the manufacturer or the official representative of LLC ''EuroSid'' without disassemling the product within 3 working days by letter, telegram, fax or E-mail to the above address.

2.2. The consumer in the notification shall indicate the malfunction mode and sings of damage: circumstances, time, place of detection of the problem; date of manufacture, application number.

2.3 After receiving a failure notification, the manufacturer shall notify the consumer about sending an authorized representative to inspect the causes of the failure within 10 working days, inform about its consent (or non-consent) to disassemble the failed mechanism, and draw up the Defects Certificate (annex).

2.4 The Defects Certificate shall be drawn up in case of malfunction or failure of individual parts or the whole product due to the manufacturer's fault.

2.5 The Defects Certificate shall be signed by authorized Representatives of the manufacturer and the Consumer.

2.6 Claims related to violation of the terms by the consumer and procedure of acceptance, rules of transportation, storage, operation, terms and procedure of maintenance specified in the main accompanying documentation, as well as drawn up not according to a form or after the warranty period expiration, are not accepted.

2.7 Claims are not accepted if defective parts and mechanisms were disassembled without the manufacturer's permission; or if the parts or mechanisms have previously been repaired.

2.8 The claim shall be reviewed by the manufacturer within 10 working days from the date of signing the certificate.

2.9 The manufacturer shall not be responsible for:

- Damages and external incomplete state of equipment occurred during shipping. Claims, in this case, shall be made against the organization transporting the product to the consumer;

- Damages occurred during usage of components installed on the consumer's request, but not recommended by the manufacturer;

- Non-compliance of the consumer with the service instructions of the product in accordance with the product certificate;

- Mechanical damages made by the operating company;

- Independent repair of the product without written permission of the manufacturer by the consumer or third parties, except repairing in the service centers of the manufacturer;

-Exclusive modifications of a product construction made by the consumer without written permission of the manufacturer.